sendPACT formal complaint – May update

Can you believe that it has been six months since we first issued sendPACT’S formal complaint about coproduction ?

Believe it! And, we’re still waiting for some resolution.

On 28 February, our complaint was accepted at Stage 2 by the Corporate Feedback team who would be reviewing our complaint as part of the Council’s complaints procedure. We were told they would contact the officers involved and obtain all of the relevant information as part of their independent investigation.

We were told they would let us know the outcome of the review by 1 April 2020.

On 1 April, they wrote: “I am very sorry but I am not currently able to respond to your complaint as I do not have adequate information which would enable me to do so. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency, the Schools and Learning service have had to prioritise other areas of work and have been unable to respond to my enquiries. I now aim to respond to you within the next fourteen days.”

And again on 27 April: “I am sorry to inform you that I am still unable to respond to your complaint. Once again I sincerely apologise for the delay you are experiencing. I will endeavour to provide my response to your complaint within two weeks.”

We haven’t heard from them since.

We have been understanding about the current Coronavirus situation, and accepted their four weeks extension without question.

Any suggestions anyone?

UPDATE: 2 June 20

Today, we finally received the outcome of the ‘independent investigation’ of our complaint in Stage 2. We had given them an additional four weeks to get back to us due to COVID19, but we were not pleased with their response. See below how we put it simply.

We accept your apology for the delay. We had hoped that the delay was also for a need for a thorough investigation but sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case. We are very dissatisfied with your response and will be taking this further with the Ombudsman.


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