Moving On Transition Group

The “Moving On” group is involved in improving the Transition to adulthood path for SENd children. The group was set up in 2018 by the Adults and Social Care Services department at Haringey’s Council and it’s formed by professionals and parents/carers to ensure co-production. The group also actively seeks teen and young adults participation.

Transition to adulthood is when a SEND child finishes secondary school and proceeds to further education or decides to find work. For others, to establish a meaningful adult life. Transition to Adulthood is a long process that can take years to fully establish and it addresses issues such as housing, socialistiaon, education and employment, etc.

Transition to Adulthood is one of the major changes and milestones in our children’s lives. Usually, parents of children over 12 years old will start to think and prepare about paths to adulthood (e.g. in the EHCP) so when they will actually transition (16+ years) there is a plan already in place for them.

sendPACT meets with the group every month to discuss how to improve transitions and how to ensure everybody participates in the creation of a better path. The way we do this is:

  • Discussion of reports and other documents related to Transition from Haringey and other boroughs to see what is best practice and try to implement it in Haringey
  • Improving reports and general information for publication to parents/carers and young people
  • Adapting the Local Offer to make it more targeted towards Transitions and ensure all the information is accessible to everybody and to try to reach the young person and their families
  • Planning and participating in engagement events about  Transitions
  • Helping in the creation of leaflets and the Transition booklet.

If you are interested in this group or would like to even take part, please send us an email and let us know!