sendPACT formal complaint – Feb update

On 3 February, we finally received a response from Haringey regarding sendPACT’S formal complaint about coproduction .

It was far from satisfactory, see below what we had to say in return.

“With regards to your letter received 3 February 2020 regarding sendPACT’s formal complaint (ref LBH/9356719), sent 21 November 2019, we believe that the issues raised in our complaint remain largely unresolved.

We are not satisfied with your response as you do not provide any evidence to support your narrative, nor do you assure any further remedies.

In addition, you did not honour a response to our complaint by the given deadline of 5 December 2019 which furthers the lack of acknowledgement, courtesy, and response that we have stated in our complaint.

You have not included the current stage of our complaint and how we can escalate this – please confirm so we can take immediate steps.”

We discussed the latter with the Ombudsman who advised us to instruct Haringey to escalate our complaint to Stage 2.

UPDATE: 19 Feb 2019

Corporate Feedback contacts us as part of the Stage 2 process. Apparently, they are independent of the Schools & Learning Service and the Children’s Service. We were also required to outline anything specific contained in the previous response that you we were not dissatisfied with.

We responded on 26 Feb with a 3 page document of what we were not dissatisfied with, as well as the below.

“We’d like to make you understand that the purpose of our complaint was to highlight the lack of acknowledgement, courtesy, and response of, namely, ER, among other Haringey officials. This is not about co-production itself, but merely being treated with common courtesy.

We are volunteer parents with work and family commitments and we have always addressed the officials in timely and professional manner but they have showed by their behaviour that they neither treat us with professionalism nor as valued members of the SEND community.”


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