Stronger Together

At a time when many services and provisions for SEND families are being greatly affected by the austerity cuts, a number of parents of children with children with special needs and disabilities decided it was time to make a stand as one voice for all parents.

But, we didn’t want to just create another parents’ group, we wanted to provide a service for all SEND families – a kind of service that would not only support parents/carers but also represent and advocate for them without fear of challenging the status quo.

In May 2016, sendPACT was born. Today, sendPACT is completely run by volunteer parents/carers, or by those who support our aims. sendPACT continues to make a stand for all SEND families so that together we can work towards fair justice for the most necessary and basic needs of our children so that they can live life to their full potential.

If you’re interested in joining sendPACT, register with us today!