Our Work

Here, you can see a list of our work, which includes past, present and ongoing projects and campaigns.

Together Morning

Together Morning is sendPACT’s regular meetup event, open to everyone. Much like coffee mornings, this is a time to meet parents/carers and get together for an informal chat. So, whether you’re a member of sendPACT or not, we hope you’ll come along.

Fairness Commission – sendPACT survey

sendPACT created a survey based on the toolkit from the Haringey Fairness Commission and invited all sendPACT members, and parents in Haringey, to give us their views.

Challenging new SEN Transport policy

In 2015/16, Haringey changed the policies for schools transport for SEND children. The new policy was meant to “encourage independence” for SEND children.

Moving On Transition Group

The “Moving On” group is involved in improving the Transition to adulthood path for SEND children. sendPACT meets with the group every month to discuss how to improve transitions.


At sendPACt we have always had a focus on therapies. This has been a central subject for us as it was the first sign of the unfairness and inadequacy that our children suffer today.