Fairness Commission – sendPACT survey

From November 2018-March 2019, the Haringey Fairness Commission ran a public consultation to develop practical recommendations on how the council – working with others – can tackle inequality and promote fairness in the borough.

During that time, sendPACT, as a parents/carers group, offered to help The Commission by extending the survey to parents/carers of SEND children. The Commission was very grateful for this and provided us with their discussion toolkit which aims to capture the voices of our members so that the Commissioners of the Fairness Commission can better understand the lived experiences of our parents/carers.

In February 2019, sendPACT created a survey based on the toolkit from the Commission and invited all sendPACT members, and other parents in Haringey, to give us their views.

Survey questionnaires were distributed/posted/emailed to all special schools and parent groups and families with children with special educational needs /disabilities living in Haringey.

We received a total of 47 completed questionnaires from parents/carers, as well as a few more extra responses from professionals working within the borough.

View more information on the Fairness Commission and their survey report on the Haringey Council website.