What we do

sendPACT provides a service for all SEND families – a kind of service that not only support parents/carers but also represent and advocate for them without fear of challenging the status quo. sendPACT makes a stand for all SEND families so that together we can work towards fair justice for the most necessary and basic needs of our children.

Our areas of focus are based on strategic parent/carer participation, coproduction and engagement. Below are just some of the following ways we try to achieve this.

  • Campaigning for change and pushing for long-term and sustainable changes
  • Holding consultations and creating and distributing surveys about topical issues and matters
  • Attending official meetings and groups with Haringey Council and necessary professionals who are involved in our children’s care and development
  • Supporting parents/carers to the best of our ability by advocating and representing them, if necessary
  • Holding events that bring together all communities and raise sendPACT’s aims

Have a look at Our Work for some of our past and present projects and campaigns.