Our Team

The team at sendPACT all have one thing in common – we want to work together to be the change we want to see for SEND families. We are all aligned in our efforts to bring transformation to our community and enable SEND children to reach their full potential.

Every one of us at sendPACT is a parent/carer and we all work voluntarily – we don’t receive any kind of funding or subvention so we are a completely independent parent/carer group.

Since 2016, sendPACT has been steadily growing with members, volunteers and supporters who have individually shared their knowledge, skills, and passion to a piece of work, project or campaign.

sendPACT is led and managed by parents, Marta and Joss.



Marta is the founder of sendPACT  and is mum to a non-verbal boy with autism. Marta was awarded the Haringey’s Unsung Women award in March 2019 for her hard work with the group all these years. Marta’s background is in interactive art design when she was a teacher at the Islington College for six years.


Joss has been a member of sendPACT since it started and officially took a lead role in September 2017. Joss has a young girl with Downs Syndrome and is also a marketing and communications professional who has worked across the public and private sector for more than 15 years.