sendPACt has always had a focus on therapies, a central subject for us and the first sign of the unfairness and inadequacy that our children suffer today.

As informed parents, we did a considerable amount of research on therapies that may help and support our children. The problem was that we didn’t see this reflected on the actual provision that our children received, so many of us had to turn to ensure therapy intervention with private therapist where we learned even more about therapies… We were continued to be shocked and worried by the support that our children were receiving, so we decided to start campaigning regarding this issue.

Apart from trying to deal with this with the relevant professionals (please see below), we have been planning on alternatives that could help SEND children and families regarding therapies. We are hoping that we would be able to share very soon with you, our new initiatives to try to help support our children with this very important part of their lives.

We asked many parents on a one to one basis about the therapies their children were receiving to get a bigger picture on what exactly was on offer locally.

In 2017, and after a whole year raising the issue of therapies, we joined the CCG panel reviewing therapies where we created a questionnaire in relation to therapies that over 40 parents/carers responded. We created a report on our finding which we shared with the CCG representatives. Sadly, the CCG professionals ignored our report and they later told us that they would be working with Haringey Involve (former parents/carers official forum) and therefore excluding sendPACT from these meetings.

Currently, this issue has been again raised by us and other parents/carers in both the Fairness Commissioning and the SEND Scrutiny Panel.