About Us

sendPACT is a parent-led voluntary group, managed by parents/carers who have children with special needs and disabilities (SEND).

sendPACT was created to make a stand for all SEND families, regardless of age, by providing parents/carers support and information so that their children can get the help they need to live life to their full potential and abilities. Unlike a parent/forum, we independently campaign for better services, and therefore better futures, for our children.

At sendPACT, we want to provide a service for all SEND families – a kind of service that would not only support parents/carers but also represent and advocate for them without fear of challenging the status quo. sendPACT wants to make a stand for all SEND families so that together we can work towards fair justice for the most necessary and basic needs of our children

sendPACT is completely run by volunteer parents/carers, or by those who support our aims. We are based in north London, currently supporting SEND families in Haringey.

If you’re interested in joining sendPACT, register with us today.