A letter of commitment to coproduction – or is it?

Back in April, sendPACT and other parents/carers told Haringey officials how deeply hurt, angry and frustrated we were with Haringey’s approach with families. sendPACT later met with Eveleen Riordan (Assistant Director, Schools and Learning), Ann Graham (Director of Children’s Services), and Cllr Joseph Ejiofor (Leader of the Council) to gain their buy-in for coproduction. We suggested that an official statement from Haringey would assure families their commitment.

Yesterday, we posted our letter to Eveleen which mentioned that letter, i.e. that we have not seen it yet since May.

Today, in response to yesterday’s letter (we think), we received the said letter from Cllr Zena Brabazon, Deputy Leader for Haringey Council and Cabinet Member for Children and Families, that was addressed to sendPACT.

Below is our reply:

“Dear Cllr Brabazon,

Thank you for your letter dated 16 July 2019 which we very much appreciate and accept. 

Our only question is if this letter is meant to the be the statement that goes out to all the families. Our request to Cllr Ejiofor at the time of our meeting on 12 May was for an open show of commitment from Haringey of the SEND coproduction programme. This public statement is to reassure parents/carers in Haringey that coproduction is being supported from the most senior officials in Haringey. We think your letter is sufficient to give this message but as it is addressed to sendPACT, can we suggest you create a version for parents/carers? We would also suggest that the statement is published on the local offer and you can share the link with sendPACT and other groups (perhaps in the next newsletter?) to further spread the word.

We hope you understand that sendPACT does not intend to be the voice of the council (or messenger, for that matter), which is why it would be best that the letter was addressed to all parents/carers.”

No further response from Cllr Brabazon.

UPDATE: 25 September 2019

We received the SEND Newsletter from Haringey where we found on page 1 a mention of ‘a letter from Haringey councillors in support of co-production on the website’.

There is no direct link to the letter or indication of where exactly to find the letter.

Inclusion of the letter in the newsletter and the Local Offer was sendPACT’s suggestions in July. There is no mention or evidence that Haringey has proactively sought to share or publicise the letter in any of Haringey’s other’s communications channels.

The letter was dated 24 September 2019 – approximately four months after our initial request.

View the letter from Cllr Brabazon


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