sendPACT meets with Haringey Council about parent engagement

Today, sendPACT and other parents met with council officials to talk about participation and engagement between the council and SEND parents/carers. This meeting was organised by the council but only because sendPACT and the other parents have been telling them for so long that families have not been happy by the way the council treats parents/carers. It was an intense meeting but we’d like to say that it was productive and hope that the council finally understands what we’re saying and that they are willing to make changes.

  • At the meeting were:
    • Vikki Monk-Meyer – Head of SEND, Haringey Council
    • Charlotte Pomery – Head of Commissioning, Haringey Council
    • Eveleen Riordan – Head of Schools and Learning, Haringey Council
    • Heather Tarbuck – Contact Charity
    • Lorraine Hardy – SENDIASS
    • sendPACT
    • parents/carers
  • Summary of meeting:
    • Parents raised current issues – we’ve been treated very unfairly by professionals within the council; we need effective and transparent communications from the council; we want to see evidence from the council that they are committed to making changes and move to a whole-system co-production culture with parents
    • Council officials – they showed us some examples of parent forum models; they said they are going to take everything discussed on board; they will prepare an official description of their commitment; they will work towards a new Code of Conduct for staff
  • What happens next: There will be a follow up meeting in a couple of weeks to go over the council’s proposal and together we will plan next steps.

You can also read Difficult Parent’s blog for their view about the meeting

If you’d like to give us your comments or ideas on any of this, please let us know!

Coproduction, Haringey Council
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