COVID19 – sendPACT letter of support for parents/carers

Dear everyone,

We know that many of you will be understandably worried about the current situation relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how this might affect you and your family. This is impacting everybody and we are writing to let you know that we are all in this together.

Please see below some useful links and information that we would like to share with you.

News and information about Coronavirus

There’s currently a lot of information out there about Coronavirus from different sources such as social media, YouTube, various websites and even news outlets and recognised charities.  

Unfortunately, some of these sources are spreading news that are not always factual or accurate, or will likely make you more worried and stressed. 

Please be very careful of what you read and what you hear from other people (including friends, families, etc) even though they may mean well. Make sure you’re aware of the latest government updates and NHS guidance.

We also encourage you to check the WHO (World Health Organization) website for more details and information on Coronavirus.

Health and wellbeing for children and parents/carers

In these uncertain times, our children might become more anxious than usual for many reasons, such as change in routines, being forced to stay at home, etc. 

We suggest that you take time to communicate with your children about what is happening in the most suitable way for them (depending on their communication and cognitive skills) – see the Unicef website for help with this. There is also a great child-friendly explanation on the Markfield website.

As parents/carers, we also need to take care of ourselves in these times as our children in particular need us more than ever. If we are more worried and anxious, many of our children might sense this and be extra worried themselves.

Therefore, please make sure you also prioritise your own mental health as well as your physical health. Visit the Mind website for some advice on how you can do this. Or, if you would like to talk to someone, you can call Haringey’s Crisis Hub team on 020 8702 6700.

Updates, links and ideas on sendPACT Facebook

So we can continue to support you, we will be sharing on our Facebook page as much information that we have or know of that might help you and your family, for example free museum virtual tours, home learning resources, healthy activities, and other useful links and ideas. 

If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page so you can follow these updates. 

Until next time… 

We hope we have helped a little bit in this letter but if you think you need more support or advice, please contact Markfield and leave a message on this number 020 3667 5233 or you can also call SENDIASS in this number 0208 802 2611 who will be happy to speak to families.

You’re welcome to drop us a line also and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can if we can help.

Wishing you all good health – please do keep yourselves and your loved ones safe and well.


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