SEND Transport: we need your signatures!

Haringey Council has decided to bring a private company to “support” SEND transport – and sendPACT is challenging this.

We need at least ten signatures, before 4pm today, to be able to make a deputation regarding SEND transport tomorrow at the Cabinet meeting. Can we have your signature?

We’ll be writing you in more detailed this week about this, but our whole position is that parents/carers were not consulted about this proposal (that also offers a 40% “gain-share” of any “savings” this company will make in our children transport) and we would like to have a proper consultation about this.

For this purpose, we would like to make a contribution at the Haringey Cabinet meeting (tomorrow 6pm, Civic centre), and this is the reason why we are writing you today, so we can have your support to make this contribution at the Cabinet.

If you would like to sign in so sendPACT can talk tomorrow, please email with your name.

Many thanks!


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