Invitation to join the Haringey’s Fairness Commission roundtable discussion

Today, sendPACT received an email invitation to join the Haringey’s Fairness Commission roundtable discussion about children and young people on Monday 28 October. See letter below.

“Dear sendPACT,

About the Fairness Commission
The Haringey Fairness Commission was set up in 2018 to tackle unfairness and inequality in the borough. The aim of the Commission is to set out a vision and priorities for achieving a fairer Borough, making practical and strategic recommendations that the Council and partners can act on. Commissioners are a collection of cross-party Councillors, representatives from key public sector organisations and VCSE groups, and local residents with relevant skills and experiences.

The Fairness Commission ran an engagement phase from November 2018 to March 2019. During that time, the Fairness Commission held three public events, received submissions from individuals, schools, voluntary sector groups, and went to 25 smaller events, hearing from over 1,500 residents.

Following the initial engagement, the Commission prioritised five key areas to explore further and in sufficient depth to make meaningful recommendations. The prioritisation was led by what was heard through the initial public engagement.

The Commission’s key areas of focus are:
• Engagement with Public Services: communication, transparency and access
• Housing: insecure housing with a focus on temporary accommodation, homelessness and the private rental sector
• Children and Young People: spaces, support and school exclusions
• Communities and Neighbourhoods: capacity-building for community groups and organisations
• Communities and Neighbourhoods: community cohesion, integration, migration and safety

More information about the Fairness Commission can be found online at:

About the roundtable discussion
The roundtable discussion will be an opportunity for the Commission to test and refine the recommendations that it is considering making related to spaces and support for children and young people.

Given all your work with SENDPact, I would be delighted if you or a member of the team are able to join us on the date below, at the Haringey Civic Centre, 255 High Road, Wood Green, London N22 8LE: Children and young people roundtable: Monday, 28th October, 7-9pm

Your role would be to contribute to the discussion in this area and suggest how we might frame our recommendations so that they can have a meaningful impact on our residents.

Please RSVP by reply to at your earliest convenience.

Best wishes,

Cllr Kaushika Amin
Cabinet Member for Civic Services and Co-Chair of the Haringey Fairness Commission


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