sendPACT helps with EHCP template

As some of you may be aware, sendPACT has been working with Haringey Council on improving the current EHCP template. We thought our meetings and some of the work we were doing since April were going well, until now.

To summarise, we pointed out some very specific weaknesses in the current EHCP template which we wanted to change, in particular section E (Outcomes) and section F (Provision). We provided our rationale for the changes, and even offered some suggestions for improvement based on good practice from other councils. But no, Haringey couldn’t accept our views.

One official said: “We recognise that we are not always in full agreement and this is difficult for all of us and we are all still learning how to manage this on our journey to effective co-production.”

Part of our work was to also improve the design of the template. Despite our differences, we honoured this and provided them with a finshed product. However, because we were unhappy with the outcome of their decision, we’ve decided we cannot endorse or be associated with the template.

Haringey says they will trial the template and seek feedback from a wider audience after it has been in use for a year. Please let us know what you think of it.

Coproduction, EHCP

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