SEND national crisis march

On Thursday 30 May, sendPACT will be joining a national march to end the SEND crisis. There are marches taking place all over England, calling for better support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The SEND National Crisis parent-led movement has taken shape over the last year, as anger has grown at the persistent failures of Government and local authorities in delivering the promised reforms as they were set out in the CFA. Hard-pressed parents, already coping with children who have complex needs, and often with low incomes because of caring duties, want to highlight the damage being caused to the country’s most vulnerable children. Their access to appropriate—or sometimes any—education, social care, or health provision is being curtailed by councils and health bodies cutting vital services and refusing to comply with their legal obligations.

We can no longer remain silent when our children are suffering for want of adequate Government funding. We are demanding a necessary change to the framework to ensure workable regulatory controls, and to ensure SEND funding is ring-fenced to ensure delivery precisely where it is most needed.

Co-founder of SEND National Crisis, Nadia Turki, from West Yorkshire

SEND National Crisis also have a current petition for their cause with over 11,000 signatures, that Nadia Turki and joint founder, Poppy Rose, from London, will deliver to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street on May 30th, followed by a rally in nearby Parliament Square. This will be synchronised with a further 21 marches and rallies in regions across the country.

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