sendPACT volunteers to help Haringey’s Local Offer

We are really proud to announce that sendPACT will be working with Haringey Council in producing a new and improved Local Offer. In turn, we’d like you to get involved too!

Please work with us on the Local Offer – you really don’t need any previous experience as your experience as a parent/carer is enough. The only thing required is a will to spend some of your free time helping us (always depending in your availability), a positive attitude and a cordial team spirit!

If you’re interested in contributing, please email us at and we will send you a Volunteer Interest Form.

The improvements will be focus on design, navigation and content. We are aiming to achieve a Local Offer where parents can find what the information that they are looking for in an easier way, with a content that is relevant and comprehensive.

Please join us in creating a better Local Offer!

What is the Local Offer: The Local Offer is all the information about the local SEND provision (0-25 years old ) displayed in one place (usually a website). Visit the current Haringey Local Offer for more information.

Haringey Council

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