sendPACT needs you!

In a few months, sendPACT will be one year old…

We’re still very much in our early days but we’re pleased to say that we are now an active and growing group (we have 26 parents currently registered with us). We’re always looking for more members, more support, and essentially more people to strengthen our voices. Please spread the word about sendPACT!

At sendPACT, parents/carers are the most important people regarding the understanding of the needs of their child. They are experts on their children as no professional may compare their level of knowledge with those of the parents/carers of a child. Every one of us at sendPACT is a parent/carer and we all work voluntarily – we don’t receive any kind of funding or subvention so we are, currently, a completely independent parent/carer group.

We believe that, united, parents and carers can create a huge pressure and influence professionals to improve the lives of our children and young adults. But to do this we will need the parents/carers support. Parents/carers can support sendPACT easily registering their families within our social enterprise.

By registering with us you will be updated via email to learn about local developments and to ask for your opinion about the SEND system, services and others (we are looking into other forms of communication to reach in the future those without internet accessibility).

So please join our social enterprise to help us to improve our children and our families lives. It’s very easy! Just go to and fill up the registration form – it’s free and only takes a couple of minutes!


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